You are no longer eligible to upgrade to Live More Weigh Less Mastery. The current session of Live More Weigh Less Mastery runs from April 20th until June 12th with group coaching sessions every week.

*You can upgrade until May 4th, but please note that you will miss the first two group coaching calls and will not be able to make them up.

Here's Everything you Get When You Upgrade to Live More Weigh Less Mastery


This is where the magic happens. Every week we get on the phone as a group and you have the opportunity to get laser coaching on what you are specifically struggling with. Women have had the most incredible breakthroughs on these calls both in getting personal support, and in listening to the other women.


Live More Weigh Less attracts the most incredible, interesting and warm women of all ages and races from all over the globe. Seriously the nicest group of people you’ll ever meet. Many women have come out with lifelong friends that they nurtured through the members only forum.

We have a private facebook group set up for you to ask questions, connect with each other 24/7 and get regular support from Sarah. Not on Facebook? No problem. We will personally help you set up a private profile, and if you are wanting to maintain some online anonymity, we can show you how to set up your profile so only the women in Live More Weigh Less can chat with you, and no one from the outside world.


Download a PDF of the Live More Weigh Less Cookbook from the members site and receive a hard copy as a member of Live More Weigh Less Mastery. Curated by Sarah Schechter, a French Culinary Institute Chef with submissions from the best healthy cooks in the industry, our Live More Weigh Less Cookbook has over 100 recipes for breakfasts, lunches, dinners and desserts (of course) to give you endless inspiration and idiot-proof step-by-step directions so you know exactly how to cook delicious meals that will make you feel great. The best part? We’ve been told that husbands and kids LOVE the recipes.


Sarah has curated a select group of high level programs to help you feel more confident in your clothes, comfortable in the kitchen and more at home moving your body. You can learn more about the bonuses and our guest teachers below. Sarah will also be teaching high level courses on spirituality, femininity, managing life with kids. ***


You’ll have 2 opportunities during the program to really focus on integrating all of the teachings during your personally curated and self-guided adventure and retreat.

The first will happen during Week Four which is Adventure Week. There is no new coaching this week, nor live group coaching. Your mission is to create the most fun, adventurous week you can imagine, which I will help you curate during the first 3 weeks. This is the time to put everything you’ve learned into practice and really experience the good life.

The second will happen on the last week of the program, Week Eight which is Retreat Week. There will be no new coaching this week, but we will have an end-of-program tele-celebration. Your mission for this week is to create the most nurturing, relaxing week you can dream of. After seven weeks of committing to living more, you are going to deserve some delicious downtime.


No one's perfect, and we all fall off the wagon once in a while. That's why every women who signs up for Live More Weigh Less will receive a lifetime membership to the program. Although group coaching is only available during your first round, you will have unlimited access to the materials for as long as I am running the program and can join us year after year.


Download a PDF of your journal from the members site and receive a hard copy as a member of Live More Weigh Less Mastery. The journal is a great way to deepen with the material, hold yourself accountable for your goals and reflect on how the curriculum applies to your specific life. Your LMWL journal is full of personal inquiry exercises, vision prompting, desire setting and plain old room to write. It also includes weekly check-ins and benchmarks to help you stay on track. You’re going to love this book and I bet it will be a lifelong keepsake.


Although Live More Weigh Less Mastery is $1500 to enroll, since you are already a LMWL student, you can upgrade with
3 Payments of $377 OR 1 PAYMENT OF $1097
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Each woman here is a master at her craft and has created a bonus class specifically for Live More Weigh Less to help you incorporate the Live More Weigh Less Lifestyle in every area of your life.


The Live More Weigh Less Style Guide by Melanie Kluger & Crystal Cave

Crystal Cave is the founder of Not So Skinny Style School and has spent years styling celebrities and big brands from Taylor Swift, Mercedes Benz and the Billboard Music Awards.

Melanie has always had a knack for making women feel comfortable, confident and fashionable. Whether working with a bride, entrepreneur, new mom or public speaker, she pays special attention to what makes someone really shine. Not to mention, this stylist extraordinaire has mastered the art of mixing patterns and colors effortlessly.

The 5-minute makeup with Melissa Hoffmann

Melissa Hoffman of is the only person I let touch my face. Not only does she bring out your most gorgeous self through her makeup artistry but she is a master at teaching women how to bring their inner beauty to the outside. Melissa’s class will focus on teaching you how to create a glowing, flawless face without needing to spend tons of time or money.


Wild Soul Movement with Liz DiAlto

Liz DiAlto, is a speaker, writer and the creator of Wild Soul Movement, a 12 week online experience of self-discovery that combines movement, meditation and mantra. Her mission is to revolutionize the way women move and nourish their bodies and abolish current body image culture to create new standards for her peers, elders, young women and little girls. She is known for her raw and honest approach to body love and self-acceptance. In 2013, Shape Magazine listed her alongside Dr Oz, Ellen, Jillian Michaels, Tim Ferriss and more as a Top 30 Motivator.

Family Dynamics with Natalie Berthold

Do you ever feel like you can work on a habit forever and never seem to change it? Or you just can’t seem to forgive her, no matter how much you try? Natalie Berthold, of is my secret weapon when it comes to getting out of my own way. Natalie is going to teach us how familial entanglements, identifications and past family trauma can cause our eating battles and how to realign our family system to release what’s holding us back. I know this may sound a little unique, but trust me, it’s the coolest and most effective form of "healing" I’ve ever done and I’m so excited to share it with you.

Q&A with Hormone Expert Alisa Vitti

Alisa is the author of WomanCode and founder of FLO Living. Alisa’s work provides the missing link between conventional wisdom about women’s health and women’s own inner wisdom about what their bodies really need. She’s the voice for women who are tired of searching obsessively online for answers they are not getting, who want to know how things really work in their bodies. She's going to be talking to us about periods, fertility and sex drive. It's going to be amazing.


How to satisfy your sweet tooth without sugar with Quinn Asteak & Robyn Youkilis

Robyn and Quinn make the best f**cking truffles on the planet, and there’s no sugar in them, magic. Founder’s of {Healthy} Cooking Camp , an online, interactive cooking show designed for even the busiest of peeps, Robyn & Quinn are going to teach you how to have a sweet life (ba-dump-ching!), without all the sugar. You’re gonna learn exactly what goes down in your bod when you eat it (it’s not pretty), why sugar can be hard to quit and how to ditch your emotional dependence, and finally some sweet treats that will satisfy your sweet tooth without sending you in a downward sugar spiral.

Making cooking and shopping a piece of cake with Heather Pierce Giannone

If you hate to cook or feel overwhelmed with the grocery store, Heather Pierce Giannone, Creator of Go Feed Yourself and is going to set you straight. Heather teaches women how to make fast, healthy meals that keep you focused and productive, without a ton of effort. Heather will teaching you 3 Secrets to making healthy meals as easily as you make your bed, the art of grocery shopping, and how to have an endless supply of tasty meals with only 5 ingredients. You will honestly feel like a total whiz in the kitchen after spending this time with Heather.


Although Live More Weigh Less Mastery is $1500 to enroll, since you are already a LMWL student, you can upgrade with
3 Payments of $377 OR 1 PAYMENT OF $1097
Upgrade Me
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